Abutilon theophrasti, Velvetleaf, butter-print, butter-weed,cotton-weed,
Hebrew:אבוטלון תאופרססטוסת, Arabic: أبو طيلون ابن سينا

Scientific name:  Abutilon theophrasti Medicus
Synonym name:  Abutilon avicennae Gaertn.
Common name:  Velvetleaf, Velvet Leaf Butterprint, butter-print, butter-weed,cotton-weed
Hebrew name:  אבוטלון תאופרססטוס
Arabic name:  أبو طيلون ابن سينا , 'abu tilun abn sina
Family:  Malvaceae, Mallow Family, משפחה חלמיתיים

Abutilon theophrasti, Velvetleaf, butter-print, butter-weed,cotton-weed,אבוטלון תאופרססטוסת,   أبو طيلون ابن سينا
Illustration in B. Besler, 1613, Hortus Eystettensis, classis æstiva, Ordo 6, Fol. 10, fig. I.

Life form:  Annual
Spinescence:  Absent
Succulence:  Non-succulent
Stems:  Stems and twigs hairy
Leaves:  Simple, alternate, ovate-orbicular, cordate, palmately-veined, velvety
Inflorescence:  Solitary in leaf axils or on short axillary branches
Flowers:  Nodding flowers yellow-orange
Fruits / pods:  Schizzocarp; mericarps arranged in a single whorl; seeds c. 2 mm long, papillose.
Flowering Period:  May, June, July, August, September
Habitat:  Cultivated areas
Distribution:  Mediterranean Woodlands and shrublands, semi-steppe shrublands
Chorotype:  Tropical
Summer shedding:  Ephemeral

Derivation of the botanical name:
Abutilon from the Arabic name for a plant ’abū-ṭīlūn (أبو طيلون).
theophrasti, commemorates the ancient Greek botanist-philosopher Theophrastus (c.371 – c.287 BCE)
avicennae after Avicenna (Abu Ali Al-Husayn Ibn 'Abd Allah Ibn Sina) (980-1037), a Persian scientist and philosopher.
The Hebrew name אבוטילון, abutilon transliteration from the scientific name, from Arabic.
The Arabic name’abū-ṭīlūn (أبو طيلون), the name given by Avicenna to this or a similar genus.
  • The standard author abbreviation Medicus. is used to indicate Friedrich Kasimir Medikus (1736 – 1808), a German physician and botanist.
  • The standard author abbreviation Gaertn. is used to indicate Joseph Gaertner (1732 – 1791), a German botanist.
An invasive, noxious weed. Used in Ayurveda.