Flowers in Israel: Anchusa milleri

Anchusa milleri, Anchusa ryssosperma,
Alkanet, Bugloss, Oxtongue,
Hebrew: לשון-הפר המדברית, Arabic: لسان الثور الميلري

Scientific name:  Anchusa milleri Lam. ex Spreng.
Synonym name:   Anchusa ryssosperma Steud. ex A.Rich
Common name:  Alkanet, Bugloss, Oxtongue
Hebrew name:  לשון-פר מדברית, לשון-הפר המדברית
Arabic name:  لسان الثور الميلري
Family:  Boraginaceae, Forget-me-not family, זיפניים

Anchusa milleri, Anchusa ryssosperma, Alkanet, Bugloss, Oxtongue,לשון-פר מדברית, לשון-הפר המדברית, لسان الثور الميلري

Life form:  Annual
Stems:  10-50 cm high; stems simple or branched, procumbent
Leaves:  Alternate, entire, oblanceolate to oblong, covered with short hairs and long bristles, margin smooth; apex obtuse to acute; base attenuate; upper leaves sessile
Inflorescence:  Leafy, raceme-like, and lax in fruit; hermaphrodite
Flowers:  bracteate, and pedicellate. Bracts, foliose, sessile; pedicel 3-8 mm, elongate in fruit; calyx 5-7 mm, divided almost to base; lobes, linear, and not accrescent in fruit; corolla 1-1.3 cm, white or pinkish; tube 7-9 mm, straight; scales, 0.5 mm, inserted at the corolla-throat, exserted, oblong, velutinous, the tips curved outwards; limb 4-5 mm broad, slightly zygomorphic; lobes 1.5-2 mm, broadly obovate; stamens inserted at the middle of the tube, in 2 series of 2 and 3; anthers 1 mm, oblong- elliptic, obtuse; ovary glabrous; style 2-2.5 mm, slender, glabrous; stigma 2-lobed
Fruits / pods:  4 Nutlets, 3.5-4 x 2-2.5mm, erect or slightly oblique; inner face is flat, outer face is convex, and reticulate-ribbed; ribs, smooth, yellowish-brown, glabrous
Flowering Period:  March, April
Habitat:  Shrub-steppes, Desert
Distribution:  Mediterranean Woodlands and Shrublands, Semi-steppe shrublands, Shrub-steppes, Deserts and extreme deserts
Chorotype:  Irano-Turanian - Saharo-Arabian
Summer shedding:  Ephemeral

Anchusa milleri, Anchusa ryssosperma, Alkanet, Bugloss, Oxtongue,לשון-פר מדברית, לשון-הפר המדברית, لسان الثور الميلري

Derivation of the botanical name:
Anchusa, αγχουσα, a plant used for cosmetic as a rouge, perhaps Anchusa tinctoria.
milleri, named for Gerrit Smith Miller, Jr. (1869 - 1956), an American zoologist and botanist.
ryssosperma, rysso ???, sperma, "a seed".
  • The standard author abbreviation Lam. is used to indicate Jean-Baptiste Lamarck (1744–1829), a French botanist.
  • The standard author abbreviation Spreng. is used to indicate Curt Polycarp Joachim Sprengel (1766 – 1833), a German botanist and physician.
  • The standard author abbreviation Steud. is used to indicate Ernst Gottlieb von Steudel (1783 – 1856), a German physician and an authority on grasses.
  • The standard author abbreviation Rich. is used to indicate Louis Claude Marie Richard (1754 – 1821), a French botanist and botanical illustrator.