Class Monocotyledoneae, monocots,
מחלקה חד-פסיגיים

Family Amaryllidaceae,
Amaryllis Family, משפחת הנרקיסים

Perennial herbs arising from a bulb or rhizomes (underground stems); linear or strap shaped leaves, either crowded around the base of a leafless flowering stem, or arranged in two tight rows along a short stem; leaves are usually hairless and contain mucilage cells, or cells filled with calcium oxalate crystals known as raphides for defense against herbivores; flowers, bisexual, with 6 perianth parts (or tepals) that sometimes have appendages that form a corona, as in the central, protruding part of a daffodil flower; 6 stamens; fruits are usually many-seeded.

The Alliaceae can be separated from Amaryllidaceae morphologically mainly by its superior ovary, as opposed to superior in Amaryllidaceae.
It can be separated from Agapanthaceae by its radially arranged leaves, as opposed to strongly distichous in Agapanthaceae

As reconstituted by the APG (Angiosperm Phylogeny Group system), Amaryllidaceae s.l. consists of three subfamilies, Agapanthoideae, Allioideae and Amaryllidoideae, corresponding to the three families that were subsumed into it:
Agapanthoideae (Agapanthaceae)
Allioideae (Alliaceae)
Amaryllidoideae (Amaryllidaceae s.s.)

Amaryllidaceae - Key differences
From Alliaceae s.s.: lack of allyl sulfide compounds, inferior ovary.
From Agapanthaceae: lack of steroid saponins, inferior ovary.
From Alliaceae s.s. and Agapanthaceae: presence of unique amaryllidaceous alkaloids.

Agapanthoideae (Agapanthaceae)
Genus Agapanthus, אגפנתוס: Allioideae (Alliaceae)
Genus Allium, שום:
Amaryllidoideae (Amaryllidaceae s.s.)
Genus Sternbergia, חלמונית: Genus Narcissus, נרקיס: Genus Pancratium, חבצלת: Genus Ixiolirion, כחלית

Israel Flowers (Plant Families, משפחות צמחים): Amaryllidaceae (Амариллисовые, Nergisgiller, משפחת הנרקיסיים)