Class Monocotyledoneae, monocots,
מחלקה חד-פסיגיים

Family Amaryllidaceae,
Amaryllis Family, משפחת הנרקיסים

Perennial herbs arising from a bulb or rhizomes (underground stems); linear or strap shaped leaves, either crowded around the base of a leafless flowering stem, or arranged in two tight rows along a short stem; leaves are usually hairless and contain mucilage cells, or cells filled with calcium oxalate crystals known as raphides for defense against herbivores; flowers, bisexual, with 6 perianth parts (or tepals) that sometimes have appendages that form a corona, as in the central, protruding part of a daffodil flower; 6 stamens; fruits are usually many-seeded.

Genus Sternbergia, חלמונית: Genus Narcissus, נרקיס: Genus Pancratium, חבצלת: Genus Ixiolirion, כחלית

Israel Flowers (Plant Families, משפחות צמחים): Amaryllidaceae (Амариллисовые, Nergisgiller, משפחת הנרקיסיים)