Class Dicotyledoneae, dicots, מחלקה דו-פסיגיים

Family Asteraceae / Compositae A-B,
Sunflower Family, משפחת המורכבים

The Aster or Sunflower Family is the second largest family of flowering plants; most usually herbs, but some shrubs, trees and climbers do exist.Plants of the family are composites of many small flowers in a disk-like flowerhead, each producing one seed; bisexual, bracts, two or more rows of bracts (modified leaves) beneath the flowers; the true sepals have been reduced to small scales, or often transformed into a hairy "pappus", or sometimes eliminated altogether; each disk flower, 5 united petals to form a corolla tube; 5 stamens, the filaments fused to the corolla, while the anthers are generally connate; pistil is made of two connate carpels; the ovary is positioned inferior and has one ovule; fruit an achene, one seed per fruit; each big petal, that ring the outside of the flower head, is called a "ray flower", often infertile, without stamens or a pistil, its petals are fused together and hanging to one side.
Asteraceae / Compositae will have either disk flowers or ray flowers, or both.


2 out of 5 albums (letter C) of the Asteraceae / Compositae Family
3 out of 5 albums (letter D-L)
4 out of 5 albums (letter M-R)
5 out of 5 albums (letter S-Z)

Genus Aaronsohnia, אהרונסוניה: Genus Acantholepis, עקצוץ
Genus Achillea, אכילאה
Genus Aetheorhiza, ניסנית
Genus Ambrosia, אמברוסיה
Genus Anacyclus, קחוינה
Genus Anthemis, קחון: Genus Anvillea, מרית
Genus Arctotheca, ארקטותקה
Genus Artemisia, לענה: Genus Aster, אסתר: Genus Asteriscus, כוכב: Genus Atractylis, חרשף: Genus Bellis, חננית: Genus Bidens, דו-שן
Genus Borrichia, בוריכיה

Aaronsohnia factorovskyi, Faktorowsky's Aaronsonia, אהרווסונייה פקטורי,Anthemis leucanthemifoli, Coast Chamomille, קחוון החוף,Anthemis melampodina, Negev Chamomile, קחוון הנגב,Anthemis palestina, Israel's Chamomile, קחוון שחור-מוצים,Anthemis pseudocotula, Common Chamomile, קחוון מצוי,Asteriscus spinosus,Pallenis spinosa, Spiny Starwort, מוצית קוצנית,Atractylis carduus, Yellow Distaff-thistle, חורשף צהוב, Atractylis comosa, Feinbrunia speciosa, Beautiful Distaff-thistle, חורשף מצויץ, Bellis perennis, חננית רב-שנתית,Bellis sylvestris, Southern Daisy, חיננית הבתה