Gymnospermae (naked seeds, חשופי הזרע), Class Pinopsida, Order Pinales, מחטניים

Family Cupressaceae,
Conifer Family, משפחת הברושיים

Resinous trees or shrubs, evergreen; small, scaly leaves, usually decussate; separate pollen and seed cones, sometimes on different trees,female cones are woody and dehiscent or berry-like and indehiscent; scales opposite or in whorls of 3. The wood is valued for its sweet scent and resistance to decay.

Genus Cupressus, ברוש: Genus Juniperus, ערער

Famille botanique: Cupressaceae (cypress, Conifer Family,משפחת הברושיים, Zypressengewächse, سرویان, Cyprysowate, Кипарисовые, Servigiller