Tamus orientalis, Dioscorea orientalis, Black bryony, Lady's-seal, טמוס מזרחי
Tamus orientalis

Class Monocotyledoneae, monocots,
מחלקה חד-פסיגיים

Family Dioscoreaceae,
Yam Family, משפחת הטמוסיים

Dioecious perennial herbs with subterranean tubers. Net-veined, often heart-shaped leaves that sometimes are lobed. Flowers small in axillary clusters, spikes or racemes.The female flowers are sometimes solitary. Perianth persistent, the male flower campanulate, 6-lobed, the female flower deeply lobed, greenish to whitish. Ovary superior. The fruit is a capsule or a berry.

Genus Tamus, טמוס:

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