Gymnospermae (naked seeds, חשופי הזרע), Class Pinopsida, Order Pinales, מחטניים

Family Pinaceae,
Pine Family, משפחה אורניים

Naked seed plants; female cones become elongated, exposing the ovules to the pollen in the wind; after pollination, the scales again cover the ovules, allowing them to ripe into seeds; The Pine Family produces edible seeds that are rich in oils.
Amber is the fossilized tree resin from this family.

Genus Pinus, אורן:

Gymnospermae,naked seeds, חשופי הזרע, Class Pinopsida, Order Pinales, מחטניים,Pinus brutia,Brutia pine, Calabrian pine, Turkish pine, صنوبر قبرصي, Lubânah shâmîyah, אורן קפריסאי,Pinus halepensis, Aleppo Pine, אורן ירושלים, Winter Solstice Celebrations,Pinus pinea, Umbrella- or stone pine, Italian stone pine, אורן הצנובר, صنوبر مثمر