Salix alba, White willow, Swallow tailed willow, ערבה לבנה ,الصفصاف الأبيض
Salix alba

Populus alba, White Poplar,حور, Hawr, צפצפה מכסיפה
Populus alba

Class Dicotyledoneae, dicots, מחלקה דו-פסיגיים

Family Salicaceae,
Willow Family, משפחת הערבתיים

Bushes and trees with alternate, simple leaves; flowers, unisexual with male and female flowers in catkins on separate plants; sepals reduced or absent, no petals; male flower, 2 or more stamens; female flower, the ovary is positioned superior and consists of 2 to 4 united carpels and fruits as a capsule.

Genus Salix, ערבה: Genus Populus, צפצפה:

Populus euphratica, Euphrates Poplar, Firat poplar, Salt poplar, צפצפת הפרת
Populus euphratica

Family Salicaceae, Willow Family, משפחת הערבתיים,Salix alba, White- or swallow tailed willow, ערבה לבנה,الصفصاف الأبيض,Populus alba, White Poplar, حور, Hawr,צפצפה מכסיפה