Class Dicotyledoneae, dicots, מחלקה דו-פסיגיים

Family Tiliaceae,
Basswood or Linden Family, משפחה טליתיים

Mostly shrubs with simple, alternate leaves; flowers, bisexual, regular, 5 sepals (separate or sometimes joined at the base), 5 petals (sometimes 0), numerous stamens; the ovary is positionedsuperior and consists of 2 to 10 united carpels; fruit, a berry, capsule or sometimes a schizocarp.

Genus Grewia, גרויה:‮‬ Genus Corchorus, מלוכיה

Class Dicotyledoneae, dicots, מחלקה דו-פסיגיים,Family Tiliaceae,Basswood or Linden Family, משפחה טליתיים,Grewia villosa, Mallow raisin, Mallow-leaved ross berry, Round leaf grewia, גרויה שעירה