Tropaeolum majus, Cardamindum majus, Nasturtium indicum, Garden nasturtium, Indian cress, Hebrew: חונק הדוב ,כובע הנזיר, Arabic: كبوسين كبير
Tropaeolum majus

Class Dicotyledoneae, dicots, מחלקה דו-פסיגיים

Family Tropaeolaceae,
Nasturtium family, משפחת טרופאאוליים

Herbs, annual [perennial]; usually glabrous; roots fibrous [tuberous], (producing glucosinolates). Stems often climbing; not branched. Leaves alternate, simple; usually stipules present; petiole present (often twining); blade (peltate), margins entire or sinuate.
Inflorescences axillary, flowers solitary; bracts absent. Flowers zygomorphic; sepals 5, petals 5, imbricate, clawed, distal 2 smaller than the others; stamens 8, in 2 whorls, pistil 1; ovary 3-carpellate, 3-locular;
Fruits schizocarps (mericarps), 1-seeded, fleshy or dry. Seeds 1, (greenish), ovoid; embryo straight; endosperm absent.
Contains 1 Genus

Genus Tropaeolum, טרופאאוליים:

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