Typha domingensis, Typha australis, Bulrush,Southern Cattail, Narrowleaf Cattail, suf, סוף מצוי
Typha domingensis

Typha latifolia, Common Cattail, Giant reed-mace, البوط عريض الأوراق,סוף רחב-עלים
Typha latifolia

Class Monocotyledoneae, monocots,
מחלקה חד-פסיגיים

Cattail family, משפחת סופיים

Wetland plants with "hot-dog-on-a-stick" flower heads; cross-pollinated by the wind; thousands of minute male flowers at the top of the stalk, 2 to 5 stamens; female flowerheads are also comprised of thousands of minute flowers and mature into the "cattail"; sepals and tepals are minute threads; the ovary is positioned superior and consists of a single carpel; fruit, one seed.

Genus Typha, סוף:

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