Lagoecia cuminoides, Common wild cumin,
Hebrew: נוצנית כדורית, Arabic: حشيشة الذهب ,ريشية كروية

Scientific name:  Lagoecia cuminoides L.
Common name:  Common wild cumin
Hebrew name:  נוצנית כדורית
Arabic name:  حشيشة الذهب ,ريشية كروية
Family:  Umbelliferae / Apiaceae, סוככיים

מגדיר צמחי הבר של ארץ ישראל

Life form:  Therophyte, annual
Leaves:  Alternate, rosette, compound, pinnate, dentate or serrate
Flowers:  Green, yellow
Flowering Period:   March, April
Habitat:  Batha, Phrygana
Distribution:  Mediterranean Woodlands and Shrublands, Semi-steppe shrublands, Shrub-steppes, Deserts and extreme deserts
Chorotype:  Mediterranean
Summer shedding:  Ephemeral

Lagoecia cuminoides, Common wild cumin, נוצנית כדורית,  كراويا بري

Derivation of the botanical name:
Lagoecia, Bastard or Wild Cumin.
cuminoides, cumin and -oides, like, resembling, having the form or nature of cumin.
The Hebrew name: נוצנית, nozanit, from נוצה, noza (=feather, plumage) with suffix -it. ]
  • The standard author abbreviation L. is used to indicate Carl Linnaeus (1707 – 1778), a Swedish botanist, physician, and zoologist, the father of modern taxonomy.