Plantago cretica, Cretan plantain,
Hebrew: לחך כרתי, Arabic: لسان الحمل الكريتي

Scientific name:  Plantago cretica L.
Common name:  Cretan plantain
Hebrew name:  לחך כרתי
Arabic name:  لسان الحمل الكريتي
Family:  Plantaginaceae, לחכיים

Israel, Flowers, Nature, Palestine
Location: Bene Zion Nature Reserve

Life form:   Therophyte, annual
Leaves:  Rosette, entire, smooth
Flowers:  Green
Flowering Period:   March, April, May
Habitat:   Batha, Phrygana
Distribution:   Mediterranean Woodlands and Shrublands, Semi-steppe shrublands, Shrub-steppes, Deserts and extreme deserts, Montane vegetation of Mt. Hermon
Chorotype:   Mediterranean
Summer shedding:  Ephemeral
Protected Flower, צמח מוגן:  No

Plantago cretica,Cretan plantain,לחך כרתי,لسان الحمل الكريتي
Location: Bene Zion Nature Reserve

Derivation of the botanical name:
Plantago, plantagin (stem), a "plantain".
cretica, from the island of Crete.
The Hebrew name: לחך, lahakh, the plantain, New Hebrew, from לחך, lahakh, was licked up, was lapped up, was eaten up.
  • The standard author abbreviation L. is used to indicate Carl Linnaeus (1707 – 1778), a Swedish botanist, physician, and zoologist, the father of modern taxonomy.

Plantago cretica,Cretan plantain,לחך כרתי
Location: Bene Zion Nature Reserve