Prosopis farcta, Dwarf Mesquite,
Hebrew: ינבוט השדה, Arabic: الينبوت

Scientific name:  Prosopis farcta (Banks & Sol.) J.F. Macbr.
Scientific name:  Lagonychium farctum (Solander ex Russell) E.G.Bobrov, Prosopis stephaniana (M. Bieb.) Kunth ex Sprengel
Common name:  Dwarf mesquite, Syrian mesquite
Hebrew name:   ינבוט השדה
Arabic name:   الينبوت
Family:  Mimosaceae, Mimosa Family, שיטיים

פרחים בישראל, צמחי בר, פרח בר, תמונות

Life form:  Chamaephyte, semi-shrub
Spinescence:  Emergences
Stems:  Arching, spreading or decumbent; often less than 1 m in height, rarely up to 3 m; Armed with thorns, spines or prickles; Solid; Stems or young twigs glabrous or sparsely glabrate
Leaves:  Alternate, compound, bipinnate or more
Flowers:  Cylindrical-shaped flowers grouped in small yellowish axillary bunches
Flowering Period:   April, May, June, July, August
Fruits:  a large, reddish brown pod
Habitat:   Batha, Phrygana
Distribution:  Mediterranean Woodlands and Shrublands, Semi-steppe shrublands, Shrub-steppes, Deserts and extreme deserts
Chorotype:  Irano-Turanian
Summer shedding:  Perennating

Israel, Native plants, Palestine

Derivation of the botanical name:
Prosopis, Greek name for the burdock, but unknown why it applies to this plant.
farcta, stuffed, filled, or solid with tissue softer than the outside.
Lagonychium, Greek lagos, "a hare;" onychium, onyx, "a claw,"
stephaniana, Greek stephane, something which surrounds or encircles, hence "wreath or crown."
The Hebrew name: ינבוט, yanbut, from Arabic: yanbut, which probably derives from nabata ( = it sprouted, germinated, grew).
  • The standard author abbreviation Banks is used to indicate Joseph Banks (1743 – 1820), an English naturalist, botanist and patron of the natural sciences.
  • The standard author abbreviation Sol. is used to indicate Daniel Solander (1733 – 1782), a Swedish naturalist.
  • The standard author abbreviation J.F. Macbr. is used to indicate James Francis Macbride (1892 – 1976), an US botanist.
  • The standard author abbreviation E.G.Bobrov is used to indicate Evgenij Gregorievic Bobrov (1902 - 1983), a Russian botanist.
  • The standard author abbreviation M.Bieb is used to indicate Friedrich August Marschall von Bieberstein (1768 – 1826), a German botanist, and explorer.
  • The standard author abbreviation Kunth is used to indicate Carl Sigismund Kunth (1788 – 1850), a German botanist.
  • The standard author abbreviation Sprengel is used to indicate Curt Polycarp Joachim Sprengel (1766 – 1833), a German botanist and physician.
Bible resources:
  1. Isaiah 7:19
    And they shall come, and shall rest all of them in the desolate valleys, and in the holes of the rocks, and upon all thorns, and upon all bushes (king James Version).
    [G. Dalman (1855-1941), “Arbeit und Sitte in Palästina” suggested Prosopis stephaniana / farcata (נַהֲלֹל,prickly dwarf shrub) for the thorns.]

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