Rubus sanguineus, Rubus sanctus, Holy Bramble, Blackberry,
Hebrew: פטל קדוש, Arabic: العليق المقدس

Scientific name:  Rubus sanguineus Friv.
Synonym name:  Rubus sanctus Schreb.
Common name:  Holy Bramble, Blackberry
Hebrew name:   פטל קדוש
Arabic name:  العليق المقدس
Plant Family:  Rosaceae, ורדיים

Indigenous flowers of Israel

Life form:   Phanerophyte shrub
Spinescence:  Emergences
Stems:  150-450 cm; erect or twining, complicatted branching, hooked thorns
Leaves:  Alternate, compound, pinnate or bipinnate, dentate or serrate
Flowers:  5 Petals, pink, violet and white
Fruits / pods:  Berry; seeds dispersed via frugivores only after the fruit changes color from red to black
Flowering Period:   April, May, June, July, August, September
Habitat:  Humid habitats
Distribution:  Mediterranean Woodlands and Shrublands, Semi-steppe shrublands, Montane vegetation of Mt. Hermon
Chorotype:  Med - Irano-Turanian
Summer shedding:  Perennating

תמונות פרחים וצמחי בר בארץ ישראל

Derivation of the botanical name:
Rubus, Latin name for Blackberry, Bramble, Raspberry.
sanguineus, of blood; blood-colored; bloody.
sanctus, Holy.
The Hebrew name: פטל, petel, from Syryian: ptal.
  • The standard author abbreviation Friv. is used to indicate Imre Frivaldszky (1799 – 1870), a Hungarian botanist and entomologist.
  • The standard author abbreviation Schreb. is used to indicate Johann Christian Daniel von Schreber (1739 – 1810), a German naturalist.
According to Michael Zohary (1898 - 1983, a pioneering Israeli botanist), the Tzinim or tzininim, rendered 'thorns', is possibly identical with the Rubus sanguineus.

Bible resources:
  1. Numbers 33:55
    " 'But if you don't force those people out of the land, they will bring you trouble. They will be like sharp hooks (שִׂכִּים֙) in your eyes and thorns in your sides. They will bring trouble to the land where you live.
  2. Proverbs 22:5
    "Thorns and snares are in the way of the perverse; he who guards himself will keep far from them".
  3. Luke 6:44
    Each tree is known by its own fruit. People don't gather figs from thornbushes, and they don't get grapes from bushes.

Israel wildflowers and native plants of Palestine

Rubus sanguineus, Rubus sanctus, Holy Bramble, Blackberry, פטל קדוש