Senecio joppensis, Jaffa Groundsel,
Hebrew: סביון יפו, Arabic: الشيخة يافا

Scientific name:  Senecio joppensis Dinsmore
Common name:  Jaffa Groundsel
Hebrew name:   סביון יפו
Arabic name:  الشيخة يافا
Family:  Compositae / Asteraceae, מורכבים

Senecio joppensis, Jaffa Groundsel, الشيخة يافا ,סביון יפו

Life form:   Therophyte, annual
Succulence:  Leaf succulent
Leaves:  Alternate, dissected, pinnate
Flowers:  Yellow
Flowering Period:  January, February, March, April
Habitat:  Sand
Distribution:  Mediterranean Woodlands and Shrublands
Chorotype:  Mediterranean
Summer shedding:  Ephemeral

Flowers in Israel, Native plants, Palestine, Flora

Derivation of the botanical name:
Senecio, Latin senex, old man; from the vhoary pappus of these herbs. referring to the gray hairs on the seeds.
glaucus, γλαυκοϛ bright, sparkling, gleaming; grayish, bluish-green (for plants, a white bloom on a leaf giving a gray-green appearance).
joppensis, from Jaffo, Israel.
The Hebrew name: סביון, savion, from סב, sav (=old man); loan translation of the scientific name Senecio, from latin senecio, (=groundsel), from senex (=old man).
  • The standard author abbreviation Dinsmore is used to indicate John Edward Dinsmore (1862 - 1951), who moved from Maine to Jerusalem in the 1890's to join a Protestant commune called The American Colony.