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Brachychiton rupestris, Queensland Bottle Tree,
ברכיכיטון הסלעים

Scientific name:  Brachychiton rupestris K. Schum.
Common name:  Queensland Bottle Tree
Hebrew name:  ברכיכיטון הסלעים
Family:  Malvaceae / Sterculiaceae, סטרקוליים

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Life form:  Tree
Stems:  Up to 18–20 meters high; bottle-shaped trunk
Leaves:  About 10 cm long, may have entire margins or be deeply lobed
Inflorescence:  Clusters of flowers at the ends of the branches
Flowers:  Yellowy bell shaped flowers
Fruits:  Clusters of large boat-shaped follicles, containing numerous seeds
Flowering Period:  Early summer
Origin:  Queensland, Australia

Brachychiton rupestris, Queensland Bottle Tree,ברכיכיטון הסלעים

Derivation of the botanical name:
Brachychiton, Greek brachys, 'short'; chiton, a 'tunic', a reference to the coating on the seed.
rupestris, refers to growing among rocks.
  • The standard author abbreviation K. Schum. is used to indicate Karl Moritz Schumann (1851 - 1904), a German botanist.