Flora of Israel | Dipsacaceae | plant family

Cephalaria joppensis, Jaffa Scabious, سيوان يافا ,שלמון יפואי
Cephalaria joppensis

Pterocephalus plumosus, Pterocephalus papposus, Knautia plumosa, Scabiosa papposa, נוציץ מנוצה
Pterocephalus plumosus

Scabiosa palaestina, Lomelosia palaestina, Scabious, תגית ארץ-ישראלית
Scabiosa palaestina

Scabiosa prolifera, Lomelosia prolifera, Prolific Scabious, Carmel Daisy,جربية مخلفة - كعب الغزال ,תגית מצויה
Scabiosa prolifera

Class Dicotyledoneae, dicots, מחלקה דו-פסיגיים

Family Dipsacaceae, Teasel Family,
Teasel Family, משפחת השלמוניים

A dense head of concentrated bisexual, slightly irregular, Aster-like flowers; 5 sepals, 4 or 5 united petals, 4 stamens; ovary positioned inferior and consists of 2 united carpels; the fertilized ovule develops into an achene fruit.

Genus Dipsacus, קרד
Genus Cephalaria, שלמון: Genus Pterocephalus, נוציץ: Genus Scabiosa, תגית: Genus Knautia, קנאוטיה:

Knautia integrifolia, Knautia bidens,Whole-leaved scabious,חוגית תמימה
Knautia integrifolia