Plantago afra, Plantago psyllium,African plantain, Black psyllium, Flea-seed plant, Fleawort, Glandular Plantain, لسان الحمل الإفريقي , לחך בלוטי
Plantago afra

Plantago albicans, Woolly plantain, לחך מלבין,لسان الحمل المبيض
Plantago albicans

Plantago cretica,Cretan plantain,לחך כרתי,لسان الحمل الكريتي
Plantago cretica

Plantago lagopus, Mediterranean Plantain, Hare's Foot Plantain, לחך  מצוי , لسان الحمل الأرنبي
Plantago lagopus

Plantago lanceolata, English plantain, Ribwort, לחך איזמלני
Plantago lanceolata

Class Dicotyledoneae, dicots, מחלקה דו-פסיגיים

Family Plantaginaceae,
Plantain Family, משפחה לחכיים

Dicots with parallel veins, but there are smaller, netted veins in between the main veins; flowers, greenish, bisexual, regular, 4 united sepals, 4 petals, 4 stamens; the ovary is positioned superior and consists of 2 united carpels; fruit, a lidded capsule with 1 or more seeds per cell.

Genus Plantago, לחף:

Plantago major, Broadleaf plantain, Greater plantain, לחך גדול, لسان الحمل الكبير
Plantago major

Plantago sarcophylla, Plantain, לחך בשרני ,لسان الحمل لحمي الأوراق
Plantago sarcophylla

Plantago squarrosa, Plantago aegyptiaca, Plantago aristata, לחך החוף
Plantago squarrosa

Class Dicotyledoneae, dicots, מחלקה דו-פסיגיים,Plantago afra,Plantago psyllium, Fleawort, לחך בלוטי,Plantago albicans,Woolly plantain,לחך מלבין, Plantago cretica,Cretan plantain,לחך כרתי, Plantago lanceolata, English plantain, Ribwort, לחך איזמלני,Plantago ovata, Ovate Plantain, לחך סגלגל