Orchis anatolica, Anatolian Orchid, سحلب , اوركيد الاناضول,סחלב אנטולי
Orchis anatolica

Orchis galilaea, Galilee orchid, סחלב הגליל, السحلب الجليلي
Orchis galilaea

Orchis papilionacea, Orchis caspia, Anacamptis papilionacea, Vermeulenia papilionacea, Pink Butterfly Orchid,سحلب فراشي ,סחלב פרפרני
Orchis papilionacea

Orchis sancta, Anacamptis sancta,Anteriorchis sancta, Holy orchid,Knabenkraut, סחלב קדוש
Orchis sancta

Orchis tridentata, Neotinea tridentata, Toothed Orchid, اوركيد مسنن  ,סחלב שלוש-השיניים
Orchis tridentata

Class Monocotyledoneae, monocots, מחלקה חד-פסיגיים

Family Orchidaceae,
Orchid Family, משפחה סחלביים

The biggest family of flowering plants; monocot flowers, bisexual, irregular, 3 sepals (green or colored like petals), 3 petals (lower petal is often modified into a sort of sack or spur), 1 or 2 stamens combined with the pistil into a column; the unique ovary is positioned inferior and consists of 3 united carpels; fruit, 3-valved capsule with numerous seeds.

Some orchids mimic female wasps to con male bees into pollinating them.
Mimicry is when an animal or plant resembles another creature or inanimate object, either for defence or to gain other advantages.
The flowers of orchids often look like the females of certain species of insects and attract the males of these species (at a time when there are no or few females), who are the orchids’ only pollinators.

Bee Orchids(genus Ophrys) trick their bee pollinators into thinking that they are real bees. Their flower looks, feels, and even has a scent like that of a female bee. The male bee tries to mate with it and in the process, gets covered in pollen.
There are nine species of bee orchids growing in the Mediterranean parts of Israel and each one has its own specific pollinator.
  1. Ophrys sphegodes Mill.(דבורנית הקטיפה) Ophrys transhyrcana Czernjak. Ophrys sintenisii Fleischm. & Bornm.
  2. Ophrys lutea Cav. (דבורנית צהובה)
  3. Ophrys iricolor Desf. (דבורנית כחלחלה)
  4. Ophrys israelitica H.Baumann & Kuenkele (דבורנית שחומה) Ophrys fleischmannii Hayek Ophrys fusca Link s.s.
  5. Ophrys apifera Huds.(דבורנית הדבורה)
  6. Ophrys umbelicta Desf. (דבורנית דינסמור) >Ophrys carmeli Fleischm. & Bornm. var. carmeli ? Ophrys dinsmorei Schlechter
  7. Ophrys bornmuelleri M.Schulze (דבורנית נאה)
  8. Ophrys fuciflora (F.W.Schmidt) Moench (דבורנית גדולה) Ophrys holosericea (Burm.f.) Greuter
  9. Ophrys umbilicata subsp. flavomarginata (Renz) Faurh. Ophrys latilabris (B.Baumann & H.Baumann) Shifman (דבורנית רחבת-שפית)

31 species of Orchids belonging to 11 genera are known in Israel, all protected plants.

Genus Epipactis, בן-חרש
Genus Cephalanthera, סחלבן
Genus Limodorum, שנק
Genus Platanthera, מירונית
Genus Neotinea, ניאוטיניאה
Genus Orchis, סחלב: Genus Himantoglossum, רצוענית
Genus Anacamptis, בן-סחלב
Genus Serapias, שפתן: Genus Ophrys, דבורנית:

Serapias vomeracea, Serapias levantina, Snake Tongue Orchid, Long-lipped Serapias,Ploughshare orchid, שפתן מצוי
Serapias vomeracea

Ophrys flavomarginata,Yellow Rimmed Ophyrs, الأوفريس أصفر الهوامش,דבורנית צהובת-שוליים
Ophrys flavomarginata

Ophrys umbilicata, Carmel Bee-Orchid,דבורנית דינסמור
Ophrys umbilicata

Class Monocotyledoneae, monocots, מחלקה חד-פסיגיים,Orchis anatolica, Anatolian Orchid, סחלב אנטולי,Orchis galilaea, Galilee orchid, סחלב הגליל, Orchis papilionacea,Orchis caspia, Pink Butterfly Orchid, סחלב פרפרני, Orchis sancta, Anacamptis sancta, Holy orchid, סחלב קדוש, Orchis tridentata, Toothed Orchid, סחלב שלוש-השיניים,Serapias vomeracea,Serapias levantina, Snake Tongue Orchid, שפתן מצוי, Ophrys flavomarginata,Yellow Rimmed Ophrys, דבורנית צהובת-שוליים, Ophrys umbilicata, Carmel Bee-Orchid,דבורנית דינסמור