Ochradenus baccatus, Taily Weed, ריכפתן מדברי
Ochradenus baccatus

Reseda alba, White mignonette,White upright mignonette,البليحاء البيضاء,רכפה לבנה
Reseda alba

Reseda alopecuros, Fox mignonette, البليحاء الثعلبية ,רכפה גדולה
Reseda alopecuros

Class Dicotyledoneae, dicots, מחלקה דו-פסיגיים

Family Resedaceae,
Mignonette Family, משפחה רכפתיים

Annual or perennial herbs or shrubs; leaves, alternate, entire or divided, stipulate; flowers, irregular, bisexual (rarely unisexual), in bracteate but ebracteolate racemes; calyx of 2-8 sepals; corolla of 0-8 petals, not always equal in number to the sepals; stamens, 3 to numerous, exposed in bud, with inthrorse anthers; the ovary is positioned superior and consists of 2-7 usually united carpels; fruit, usually an indehiscent, apically open capsule; seeds numerous.

Genus Ochradenus, רכפתן: Genus Oligomeris, בת-רכפה
‮‬ Genus Reseda, רכפה: Genus Caylusea, ששן

Reseda decursiva,Reseda eremophila, רכפה קטנת-פרחים, Rigl El-ghraab
Reseda decursiva

Reseda orientalis, Oriental Mignonette, רכפה מזרחית
Reseda orientalis

Class Dicotyledoneae, dicots, מחלקה דו-פסיגיים, Family Resedaceae,Mignonette Family, משפחה רכפתיים, Ochradenus baccatus, Taily Weed, ריכפתן מדברי, Reseda alba, White mignonette, ריכפה לבנהת, Reseda orientalis, Oriental Mignonette, רכפה מזרחית