Pinus brutia,Brutia pine, Calabrian pine, Turkish pine, صنوبر قبرصي, Lubânah shâmîyah, אורן קפריסאי
Pinus brutia

Pinus halepensis, Aleppo Pine, Christmas tree, Jerusalem pine, אורן ירושלים , صنوبر الحلبي and Winter Solstice Celebrations
Pinus halepensis

Gymnospermae (naked seeds, חשופי הזרע), Class Pinopsida, Order Pinales, מחטניים

Family Pinaceae,
Pine Family, משפחה אורניים

Naked seed plants; female cones become elongated, exposing the ovules to the pollen in the wind; after pollination, the scales again cover the ovules, allowing them to ripe into seeds; The Pine Family produces edible seeds that are rich in oils.
Amber is the fossilized tree resin from this family.

Genus Pinus, אורן:

 Pinus pinea, Umbrella- or stone pine, Italian stone pine,صنوبر ‘anawbar,אורן הצנובר,,tirzah,tidhar,pignolia nuts,pine nuts
Pinus pinea

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