Matricaria aurea, Golden Chamomile, בבונג זהוב
Matricaria aurea

Notobasis syriaca, Cirsium syriacum, Cnicus syriacus, Syrian Thistle, ברקן סורי
Notobasis syriaca

Onopordum blancheanum, Cottonthistle, شوك ,חוחן בלאנש
Onopordum blancheanum

Onopordum carduiforme, Onopordum telavivense, False plumed-thistle, חוחן קרדני
Onopordum carduiforme

Onopordum cynarocephalum, Artichoke Cotton-thistle,اقسون حرفشي الرأس ,חוחן הקינרס
Onopordum cynarocephalum

Ormenis mixta, Chamaemelum mixtum, Anthemis mixta, Cladanthus mixtus, Weedy dogfennel, Simple-leaved chamomile, קחוונית מצויה
Ormenis mixta

Pallenis spinosa, Astericus spinosus, Spiny Starwort, شوك ,מוצית קוצנית
Pallenis spinosa

 Phagnalon rupestre, African fleabane, هحدق،حيدق ,צמרנית הסלעים
Phagnalon rupestre

Picris amalecitana, Picris intermedia, Hagioseris amalecitana, Amalek ox-tongue, מררית החוף,  مرير العماليق
Picris amalecitana

Picris asplenioides, Picris radicata, Oxtongue, מררית שסועה
Picris asplenioides

Class Dicotyledoneae, dicots, מחלקה דו-פסיגיים

Family Asteraceae / Compositae M-R,
Sunflower Family, משפחת המורכבים

The Aster or Sunflower Family is the second largest family of flowering plants; most usually herbs, but some shrubs, trees and climbers do exist.Plants of the family are composites of many small flowers in a disk-like flowerhead, each producing one seed; bisexual, bracts, two or more rows of bracts (modified leaves) beneath the flowers; the true sepals have been reduced to small scales, or often transformed into a hairy "pappus", or sometimes eliminated altogether; each disk flower, 5 united petals to form a corolla tube; 5 stamens, the filaments fused to the corolla, while the anthers are generally connate; pistil is made of two connate carpels; the ovary is positioned inferior and has one ovule; fruit an achene, one seed per fruit; each big petal, that ring the outside of the flower head, is called a "ray flower", often infertile, without stamens or a pistil, its petals are fused together and hanging to one side.
Asteraceae / Compositae will have either disk flowers or ray flowers, or both.


1 out of 5 albums of the Asteraceae / Compositae Family
2 out of 5 albums (letter C)
3 out of 5 albums (letter D-L)
5 out of 5 albums (letter S-Z)

Genus Mantisalca, מנטיסלקה
Genus Matricaria, בבונג: Genus Micropus, כתנן
Genus Notobasis, ברקן: Genus Onopordum, חוחן: Genus Ormenis, קחונית: Genus Otanthus, לבנונית
Genus Pallenis, מוצית: Genus Parthenium, פרתניון
Genus Phagnalon, צמרנית: Genus Picnomon, בן-קוצן
Genus Picris, מררית: Genus Pluchea, פלגית: Genus Pseudognaphlium, לבדנית
Genus Ptilostemon, ארנין
Genus Pulicaria, פרעושית: Genus Reichardia, תמריר: Genus Rhagadiolus, כוכבן


Pluchea dioscoridis, Conyza dioscoridis, Baccharis dioscoridis, Ploughmans spikenard, Marsh fleabane, barnûf, kûsh, פלגית שיחנית ,فونرب
Pluchea dioscoridis

Pulicaria arabica, ladies' false fleabane, Arabian fleabane, פרעושית ערבית
Pulicaria arabica

Pulicaria dysenterica, Common fleabane,פרעושית משלשלת,  رعراع أيوب
Pulicaria dysenterica

Reichardia tingitana, Reichardia orientalis, Poppy-Leaved Reichardia, False sowthistle, Bitter herbs, خزام – نكد – لبين ,תמריר מרוקני
Reichardia tingitana